Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns.

You get it all. Buy the campaigns once, use them forever. These campaigns include: designed landing pages, Facebook ads with targeting, text for emails, high-quality videos and images.


How a Done-For-You Marketing Campaign Benefits Your Limousine Company

A marketing campaign from Limo University is like a full service car wash. Our team of experts not only furnished the copy for your ads, landing pages, emails, and other creative assets, but we also primed them to produce maximum results. We developed and placed every design element alongside your copy to increase conversion rates on your marketing campaigns.

With a pre-packaged campaign, you end up with a shiny, new game plan for attracting and engaging customers without the hassle of doing the dirty work of researching best practices yourself.

You need these campaigns if…

You don’t know where to start your marketing efforts or how to build a strategy.

You’re tired of guessing what might work instead of knowing what will work.

You want to stop wasting money on misguided marketing strategies.

You know the value of digital marketing, but always put it on the backburner

Holiday Lights Tour Campaign

$485.00 USD

We’ve set up a campaign targeting unique sets of audiences with a compelling value proposition.

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Executive Admin Campaign

$485.00 USD

The campaign demonstrates how you solve the pain points of executive admins and communicates your value.

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Chauffeur Recruiting Campaign

$485.00 USD

You'll have everything needed for a recruitment campaign capable of generating many qualified applicants.

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What's Inside The Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns

Inside of each campaign, you will receive all of the items you need to quickly deploy a message that will allow you acquire new clients.

Facebook Ads

Within the Facebook ads, you get creative assets ranging from video and photography to ad text and targeting guidelines.

Landing Pages

The design has been completed for you and the text is at your fingertips to paste directly into your pages.

Email Funnels

Swipe files give you the most compelling text to send to your recipients and tells you when to contact them.

How-to Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials reveal exactly what you need to do within your particular campaign before it goes live.

"With all of the content and material and everything that you need to put everything together. It’s awesome. And you get to keep it and replicate it many times over".

Ken Carter
CEO, Aadvanced Limousine




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