27 Prompts for Generating Traffic With Content


We all despised when our grade school teachers would say it, but of course, it’s true.

Knowledge is power. And in your case, knowledge is revenue.

You’re probably thinking, ok, where is she going with this… Well, I am the content manager at Limo U so this is another attempt of mine to get ya’ll on the content train!

There are many hurdles to effectively implementing content marketing efforts, including…

  1. The amount of time it takes
  2. The patience it requires
  3. And the effort you must put forth

But, in the end, it’s all worth it as many respected organizations have discovered.

When you invest in content generation and distribution, you are putting your knowledge on blast.

The results? In addition to positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and distinguishing yourself from competitors through intentional education, you attract more traffic.

When you begin channeling traffic towards your site and single, specific landing pages, your opportunities to acquire new leads (and ultimately new clients) drastically increases.

According to Hubspot, B2C companies generating content through 11 or more blog posts per month saw more than 4X as many leads flow through their funnels than companies blogging 4-5 times per month.

Not to mention the SEO benefits of publishing blog content, which could get you 434% more indexed pages from search engines than if you weren’t publishing anything at all.

Content marketing extends far beyond the blogging realm, however. It plays a huge role in your Facebook ads because, hey, you don’t want to be offering discounts every other month, do you?

You’ve got to entice cold leads somehow. And oftentimes, the best way to hook new prospects is with a piece of content bait like…

  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Press releases
  • Checklists
  • Videos
  • And so much more!

Helpful content that is relevant to the audience you are targeting through Facebook ads is a conversion type you can test against introductory offers.

For today’s Wednesday Drive, I’m going to share 27 prompts for generating traffic with content. These are actual titles and format suggestions you can begin brainstorming off of RIGHT NOW.

27 Prompts for Generating Traffic With Content


  • “Best Wineries in [insert area]
  • “5 Ways to Use Chauffeured Car Service This Month”
  • “How to Get Through the Airport With Ease”
  • “Most Popular Bridal Shows in [insert area]
  • “The Transportation Gap Chauffeured Car Services Fills”
  • “Hottest Night Clubs in [insert area]
  • “The Complete Guide to Corporate Event Transportation”
  • “10 Signs You Need to Switch Transportation Providers”


  • Live video of your fleet selection
  • Behind-the-scenes look at interior and exterior of your vehicles
  • Q&A with core staff members
  • Brand awareness video that highlights major services
  • The Chauffeured Transportation Difference - a comparison of your services to “the other guys”
  • Q&A with core staff members
  • Client testimonial
  • Prom experience video
  • Inside look at a [insert company name] wedding
  • Locale-specific piece related to your unique value propositions for local clients


  • Case study of a client’s experience with you
  • Service package information/details  
  • List of wedding planning considerations for brides
  • Pricing document that justifies the cost of your services with unique value propositions
  • Press release with information about pertinent company updates
  • Airport travel guide for corporate travelers
  • “How Weddings Have Changed in the Past Decade” infographic
  • Checklist for prom parents
  • “Meet the Chauffeurs” one pager

Have questions? Email [email protected] and a member of the Limo U team will be in touch shortly!