Getting Affiliates with Warm Introduction Email Follow-Up [TEMPLATE]

Speed. Initiative. Endurance. Qualities of an elite athlete? Or characteristics of an effective follow-up email sequence? 

The answer is BOTH. 

Limousine show season is full of fun and education, but it also provides operators with a wealth of opportunities to meet potential affiliates and take steps to grow their businesses. 

While it's unlikely that you'll secure an affiliate partnership over the course of a couple days at a conference, other avenues exist for streamlining the process. Leverage the power of email with a short, but valuable follow-up sequence for the potential affiliate partners you meet at shows. 

Remember when I mentioned speed, initiative, and endurance at the beginning of this article. Your potential affiliate follow-up email sequence should start immediately (I'm talking the same days as your warm introduction). It should deliver a tangible value up front - whether it recommends a book about a topic you discussed previously or it gives...

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