27 Prompts for Generating Traffic With Content


We all despised when our grade school teachers would say it, but of course, it’s true.

Knowledge is power. And in your case, knowledge is revenue.

You’re probably thinking, ok, where is she going with this… Well, I am the content manager at Limo U so this is another attempt of mine to get ya’ll on the content train!

There are many hurdles to effectively implementing content marketing efforts, including…

  1. The amount of time it takes
  2. The patience it requires
  3. And the effort you must put forth

But, in the end, it’s all worth it as many respected organizations have discovered.

When you invest in content generation and distribution, you are putting your knowledge on blast.

The results? In addition to positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and distinguishing yourself from competitors through intentional education, you attract more traffic.

When you begin channeling traffic towards your site and single, specific landing pages, your...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Next Piece of Marketing Material


Delivering useful and relevant information your potential and current clients want and need is a crucial step to increasing engagement with your brand and business.

Compared to paid search, content marketing requires less investment on the front end generates 3X more leads on the back end.

Small businesses only have results to gain from spending time on content marketing, since those with blogs see lead generation rates 126% higher than those without blogs.

Online material that educates, informs, and entertains your potential clients builds trust in your company and your brand.

It elevates you from an entity trying to sell something to a knowledgeable force trying to…  

  • Start a conversation
  • Create a powerful voice,
  • And make a change to an industry

As you begin thinking about your limo operation’s content marketing future, consider the following 5 methods for improving the marketing material you produce and distribute:

1. Respond to the needs of your consumer...

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