How to Use Facebook as Part of a Local Marketing Strategy


You may think I’m going to talk about Facebook advertising. But, I’m not. I divert to Daniel on all things Facebook advertising.

Today, I’m going to give you a few ideas to build a community around your brand that don’t involve spending money on digital advertising.

Now, why should you even want to expend effort towards building a local marketing strategy through Facebook? Simple.

It not only generates awareness for your brand, but it also increases your opportunities for generating revenue.

1. Share Reviews Organically

Most of you receive reviews on platforms ranging from Google and Yelp to Facebook and other niche sites. Don’t let those reviews sit idle! Take a screenshot of them, post to your Facebook page, and tag the reviewer - if possible. Tagging expands the reach of your post - introducing your brand to a wider audience.

Here’s a testimonial - similar to a review - that Limo University received recently from one of our members.

We could...

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