How to Increase Website Conversions With Text

Your website’s homepage is like the exterior of a house. The appearance of a house from the outside is typically an accurate indicator of what lies inside. If the bricks are sturdy and the side paneling intact; if the bushes are trimmed and the lawn is mowed, you’d assume that the carpet in the living room is without specks of dirt and the dining table is shiny and smooth.

When visitors first land on your homepage, you want to give them both the manicured exterior and the well-kept interior. For today’s Wednesday Drive, however, we are going to pay close attention to that exterior because oftentimes, this is as far as many of your visitors may get in your website.

When deciding what type of information you should include on your website’s homepage, the secret is to balance your business objectives with your buyer personas’ objectives. Sometimes, the goals of all parties will be the same. For example, you would want to book more rides and your potential...

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Our Thoughts on "An Open Letter from an Apathetic Customer"


This week, we were inspired by an article Ryan Deiss, wrote describing the thoughts of a typical customer. You see, your customers and clients don't carry an iota of concern about your new service or the size and quality of your fleet. 

They care about themselves. They care about how they can maximize their time and their money. If your content isn't addressing these simple facts, you could be disappearing into the sea of words and imagery that your audiences encounter on a daily basis.

Not convinced? Listen as Limo University Founder Bill Faeth narrates "An Open Letter from an Apathetic Customer" by clicking on the video above.

"I didn’t wake up and start looking for you.

You’re an interruption. A distraction, at best, from my momentary boredom.

In fact, at this point the only reason we’re still having this conversation is because I shifted it from you back to me.

I do that a lot.

I like me." 

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