Highly-actionable SEO Tips for Highly-motivated Owners!

seo wednesday drive Sep 13, 2017

Abiding by SEO best practices is an important part of any small business's marketing strategy. Limo U team member, Reese, took some time to review the tactics he believes are absolutely necessary for limousine and ground transportation companies to implement right now. 

Watch the video above or read the transcript below for more information.


Good morning everyone. I just want to start off by saying thank you for being members of Limo U. This is my first Wednesday Drive so if I seem a little nervous or maybe a little scatterbrained here today I hope that’s alright. What I am going to do here today is basically go over some basic SEO tips that you can implement today if you need for your website. We had Boot Camp about a week and a half ago and I ran into a couple of business owners who didn’t really have any idea of how to execute any actionable SEO items. So in my brief time I tried to go over a few things that you could kind of do on the...

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