How to Think Strategically about Your Social Content


Social media is a keystone asset to any marketing plan in the modern age. An ever-growing channel of shared content-- be it links, .gifs, pictures --the white noise of any outlet you choose is a daunting measure for every business. The challenge of cutting through leaves most feeling like it’s an impossible task and therefore it gets dramatically under utilized.

We’re here to help you change that.

Good social content starts with three items:

Relevancy: the content has to make sense to the audience. How does it pertain to them?
Timeliness: the content has to be posted at a time when the audience is engaged with the platform.
Agency: perhaps the most important, the content being posted must be shared for a reason and not just to become “part of the noise.”

So how do you determine these items? Take a bird’s eye view of your social media audience and ascertain who your personas are. Consult back to your buyer personas and use them to define your strategies.


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