5 Ways to Improve Your Next Piece of Marketing Material


Delivering useful and relevant information your potential and current clients want and need is a crucial step to increasing engagement with your brand and business.

Compared to paid search, content marketing requires less investment on the front end generates 3X more leads on the back end.

Small businesses only have results to gain from spending time on content marketing, since those with blogs see lead generation rates 126% higher than those without blogs.

Online material that educates, informs, and entertains your potential clients builds trust in your company and your brand.

It elevates you from an entity trying to sell something to a knowledgeable force trying to…  

  • Start a conversation
  • Create a powerful voice,
  • And make a change to an industry

As you begin thinking about your limo operation’s content marketing future, consider the following 5 methods for improving the marketing material you produce and distribute:

1. Respond to the needs of your consumer

Gone are the days of general tips and tricks. For your content marketing approach to be successful, you must develop material that is specific to targeted buyer personas.

For example, to increase the amount of leads requesting information about airport transfers, you would need to write articles, whitepapers, reports, and more that speak to the experiences of business travelers.

Instead of writing “7 Tips for Booking a Reliable Airport Transfer,” position the information you want to provide more specifically to a certain group.

This might mean creating content about the transformation of the modern-day corporate traveler (and what that means for their airport transportation experience).

Demonstrate the empathy your business has for the consumer and your understanding of their changing needs.

2. Promote a particular service

The objective of many pieces of marketing material you generate will be to attract new, cold leads and educate warm prospects about your business and brand.

To your company, everything you spend time writing should serve to answer the questions potential buyers may have before committing to purchasing something from you.

Because of each of your services includes different benefits for varying buyer personas, the material you create should reflect that. In addition to your all-inclusive company promotional documents, break out information by service - and even by target audience.

Remember, the true purpose of any content you put into the universe should be to respond to consumer doubts with valuable, valid information.

3. Leverage real data to support the claims you make

 For a piece of content marketing material geared towards business travelers, use data points gathered from raw, client usage and booking analytics to paint a picture of the current business travel landscape.

This is a genius tactic because the information you end up highlighting describes the ideal buyer who you have targeted the information to through (hopefully) paid and organic marketing strategies.

4. Break information down into short, structured snippets

When you develop any type of marketing material, it should adhere to a content hierarchy. It could look something like this:

1. Header with main point - “More business travelers are booking last minute transportation”

2. Paragraph with context - “It used to be that if you had to travel for business, it was planned out in as much detail as the president’s trip to Dairy Queen…”  

3. Service-related data point - “Fact: Airport travelers are some of our company’s busiest riders…”

It’s important to structure your content in a predictable manner because no matter who your target persona is, they don’t want to search too hard for the information that matters most to them.

Plus, with a structure in place, it makes it much easier on the content creator to work within parameters - increasing efficiency and decreasing production time.

5. Conclude your content with a simple call-to-action

Everything you write to promote your business, detail your services, or entertain your current and potential clients should incorporate a straightforward call-to-action.

It’s a link in a whitepaper, a button within a blog post, or a dedicated space in many other positions and places that directs a viewer toward the action you want them to take.

Every call-to-action should include key items, such as:

  • A compelling headline
  • A short, phrase/command
  • A visual design that stands out

BONUS TIP: Include the word “because” if it makes sense to give readers a reason for doing the action you want them to do. How will your target buyer persona benefit from doing this particular thing?

Content Marketing Ideas for Limo Operators

You may be thinking, “there’s no way I could do this stuff.” But, I believe you absolutely can.

All it takes is an interesting topic for a targeted buyer persona and a little bit of time for research, writing, and producing the material.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of possible topics you could write about for distinct sets of audiences:

  • How Gen Xers Are Getting Around Long Island
  • Wedding Transportation in 2018: Trends and Highlights for Brides-To-Be
  • Maximizing Law Firm Travel: Increasing Billable Hours Through Transportation Tweaks
  • And so much more!

The list above is by no means exhaustive, however, it’s a great reference as you select the subject matter that you feel most confident writing about in conjunction with your marketing efforts.