Basic Techniques for Recording Audio with Your Phone


Whether you are creating a video for your website to show off a new addition to your fleet or you are putting together a motion piece for a Facebook ad describing a client experience, the visuals won't engage your audience without high-quality audio. 

"Little things can make such a big difference during recording." - Matt Cameron

You may believe that high-quality audio only comes with equipment you would find in the recording studio of Guns n' Roses. In reality, you don't need a bunch of fancy gear to produce crisp, clear audio.

Jesse True, our videographer at Limo University, covers some quick tips and techniques in the video above that you can easily implement when you start planning your next video project. 

1. Invest in a microphone.

A $10 investment will get you this lavalier lapel mic for your phone.

2. Avoid big spaces. 

The larger the space where you are recording your audio, the more room sound has to occupy. A lack of directional focus will result in audio that echoes off the walls of an area like your garage or living room. Choose a smaller space like the inside of a vehicle or even a closet surrounded by pillows to create a makeshift recording studio. 

3. Talk at a constant volume. 

Consistency in the volume of your voice is crucial to producing professional-sounding audio. Practice your script a few times before recording in order to finesse your tone. 

These basic techniques for recording audio on your phone are small investments that can make big impacts in the production value of any video you create. Because, remember, the quality of your video means nothing if the audio isn't engaging your viewers.