How to Share Relevant Content on Social Media

wednesday drive May 23, 2018

The entire point of social media is to share. From sharing photos and news articles, to events and playlists - our entire social experience is curated specifically for us. But how does this apply to you and your limo business? Well, when you share content from your community as well as your own, you open up endless possibilities for your online brand and easy content creation.

As you’ve probably heard me mention in the past, curating your own content is always going to be your best bet when trying to build your community and social following. From a consumer standpoint, you want to see that people are enjoying your product, this is where sharing your customer’s content comes into play!

When you’re tagged in a photo on social media, be sure to re-post the photo (after asking for permission and tagging them with the original credit) on your social channels! While this takes out the hard work of putting together an original posting, sharing your customer’s media is a way of getting your name out there and building your brand!

How do you go about collecting this media?

Well, hopefully you’re present on all of the major social media platforms, but most importantly Facebook and Instagram. These are the most popular social media sites that are easiest to share content and check tags. When you (or your business) are tagged in a post on Facebook, you’re notified and it’s shared to your page immediately! Facebook basically does all the labor for you.

For Instagram, things are more organized. When you’re tagged in a photo, it will show up on the third tab of your IG homepage. To make things even easier and not lose track of photos you’re tagged in, bookmarking photos on Instagram is a fantastic way to schedule out photos to use when you’re in a pinch creatively!

Side note: saving photos is a great way to keep ideas running for your social account. From quotes to layouts, saving photos for inspiration is key to upping your social presence moving forward

Now that you know how to navigate tagged and saved photos, sharing them is a MUST! An easy way to go above and beyond that initial tag from the customer is to share their photo to your page again. Whether you’re thanking them or mentioning a service, circulating an image from a satisfied customer is the best way to build your brand and spread the good word about your company!

So, a few things to keep in mind when it comes to sharing content: always be sure to credit the original owner. When sharing others’ content on social media, you don’t have to use a re-post app, just make sure the owner is tagged properly in the description and you should be good to go! In today’s social society, everyone loves when their content is shared by a company or a bigger brand, so not only are you growing yours professionally, you’re making the customer feel valued by noticing their experience.

Be sure you’re promoting yourself and getting your chauffeur to mention tagging your company on social media! Even mention it on your checkout page and confirmation email to push your branding! Something along the lines of a quick, light-hearted reminder! Don’t forget to tag us on your adventure! You could be featured on our Facebook page!

I hope these tips help you in your quest to complete social media dominance! It’s little things like sharing others’ content that can explode your organic following and help you stand out in the saturated market that is social media.