4 Fast Ways to Build Your Best Facebook Video Campaign

Over the past couple of years, the use of video on social platforms has exploded and Facebook has led the way with this trend. The social media titan has announced they will invest over a billion dollars in their video services over the next year and have even launched their own original programming. The trend of video is only getting started as Cisco predicts that by 2020 over 75% of the World’s mobile data will be video. When the statistics are this strong and Facebook takes action like this, so do we. Now is this time to improve your strategy and make sure you are building the best Facebook video campaigns possible.

Here are 4 fast ways to best utilize videos when advertising on Facebook:

1. Grab the User’s Attention in the First 5 seconds

Video ads in the Facebook news feed are watched on average for 5.7 seconds. This means you have those first 5 seconds to make your impression in order for them to continue watching.

2. Use Video Even in Link and Carousel Ads

Video is only for post engagement. FALSE! Video doesn’t just work great anywhere, it works great everywhere. It will give you a good base for retargeting when applied to a post engagement objective and also increase your conversions when applied to traffic objectives.

3. Pay Attention to Your Thumbnail Image

As you may know, Facebook has the “20% rule” which means any image that has more than 20% text on it has its reach penalized. This applies to all images including thumbnails. Also, not all users have their videos set to autoplay, so thumbnail can be vital to attracting attention and getting those users to stop on your content.

4. Perform Split Testing

As with any ad, doing split testing, or A/B tests, is absolutely crucial to making sure you have the best results. No advice, tip, or trick is one size fits all so, keep in mind, “Never guess, always test.” Although it may seem like a small detail, A/B testing thumbnail images can have huge impact on your results. Also, A/B test your same videos within different audiences so you can continue to learn what your different audiences respond to.

Here is an example of an amazing video ad from Apple. They were able to immediately grab the user’s attention and then use the rest of the video to focus on the features of their new product by showing them how they benefit the consumer. Video content like this will succeed on any platform.

The truth is, video is the most important content type on Facebook already and is only getting more popular. Fine tuning your process now will really help you leverage video in the future.