Using Facebook Ads to Generate Sales-Qualified Leads

It’s interesting to me how many business owners consider themselves sales people. They are typically very confident in their ability to sell me on their service and because of this sales mentality I hear the same statement over and over again from these business owners, “I NEED LEADS!” How many leads? MORE LEADS! So, naturally marketing platforms, such as Facebook, get looked at as purely lead generation tools. Well, if you’re looking for leads then you have come to the right place. Today, I show YOU how to generate sales-qualified leads using Facebook ads.

In order to get these leads we will be using Facebook Lead Ads so, naturally, a good starting point is to understand what those are! Facebook Lead Ads are an ad objective that let your potential customers sign up for what you’re offering without leaving Facebook. So, instead of clicking and landing on a sales page or your website when they click on your ad, a pop-up form prefilled with questions asking for the info you want shows up on their screen. Once they fill it out and submit, you’ll get their contact info to follow up with them.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s because it is great! I am sure, by this point, you may be wondering how to execute one of these Facebook Lead Ads. Well, strap yourself in and grab your notebook because we are about to execute.

Once logged into Ads Manager, click the green “+ Create” button in the middle of the screen on the left hand side. Now, you will be greeted by this screen:

Here is where we choose our campaign objective. To create your Lead Ad you will need to choose the “Lead generation” objective.

Name your campaign and move on to the next step!

After selecting your targeting, budget, and schedule in the Ad Set, you move on to creating your ad.

Here, we have arrived at the crucial stage of creating your Lead Form.

Before getting to ask those all important questions, your Lead Form begins with an intro. Yes, they have clicked on your Lead Form but this DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL FILL IT OUT AND SUBMIT IT. You have to treat this intro page like a sales page. Drive value, be buyer specific, explain why they should fill this out, and what to expect next.

You’re next step is the most important -- what questions are you going to ask? This may seem simple to you but place yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Asking too many questions may shut them off and cause your potential customer to abandon the form. On the other hand, asking too few questions may not give you enough information to view this individual as a sales-qualified lead! So, how many questions are too many and how many is not enough? Luckily enough, others have done the research so you don’t have to! Research shows that asking anymore than 5 questions will drastically raise your cost per conversion and lower your chance of acquiring the user’s information. My advice is to let your targeting do the majority of your work to qualify those leads and try as hard as possible to stick to 3 questions: Name, Email, Phone number. Anything else you need you can ask in your follow up conversation!

These lead ads are so valuable because it always cheaper and easier to collect an email address than it is to close a sale in your initial interaction with a potential client.

Now that I have given you all of this awesome information, it’s time for the catch. I know, I know, I wish it was all that simple too. However, getting this information is not easy, it takes hard work and most importantly it takes having an amazing lead magnet.

Your Lead Campaign needs an amazing lead magnet in order to get you leads!

Their contact information is valuable and consumers are smart, they know it! You have provide tremendous value in order to get that valuable information in return.

When all the work is said and done, your workflow will end up looking a little something like this:

Now, you have your all important leads. Follow up quick, have your sales pitch ready, answer questions, and CLOSE!