Step-by-Step Process to Creating a Video for Your Facebook Ads

wednesday drive Apr 19, 2018
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5 Steps to an Effective Referral Marketing Program

wednesday drive Apr 03, 2018

Psychologist Robert Cialdini introduced social proof theory to describe how individuals imitate behaviors when confronted with an unfamiliar situation. As humans, the opinions and actions of others heavily influence the way we live our lives - from the friends we choose to the products and services we use.

A referral marketing program is the cornerstone element any business needs to grow its client base and capitalize on the principles of social proof theory. In a Nielsen Company global survey, 83% of respondents concurred that they would make a buying decision based on the recommendations of trusted parties such as friends, family, and acquaintances.

But, building an effective referral marketing program requires more than displaying client testimonials on your website and landing pages. You must put a standardized process in place for incentivizing and rewarding your most loyal of clients to reap the real benefits of referral marketing.

To establish and implement a program for...

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How to Create a Square Video From Beginning to End

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Using Facebook Ads to Generate Sales-Qualified Leads

It’s interesting to me how many business owners consider themselves sales people. They are typically very confident in their ability to sell me on their service and because of this sales mentality I hear the same statement over and over again from these business owners, “I NEED LEADS!” How many leads? MORE LEADS! So, naturally marketing platforms, such as Facebook, get looked at as purely lead generation tools. Well, if you’re looking for leads then you have come to the right place. Today, I show YOU how to generate sales-qualified leads using Facebook ads.

In order to get these leads we will be using Facebook Lead Ads so, naturally, a good starting point is to understand what those are! Facebook Lead Ads are an ad objective that let your potential customers sign up for what you’re offering without leaving Facebook. So, instead of clicking and landing on a sales page or your website when they click on your ad, a pop-up form prefilled with questions...

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Posting Videos to Social Media? Don't Forget to Use Subtitles.

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27 Prompts for Generating Traffic With Content


We all despised when our grade school teachers would say it, but of course, it’s true.

Knowledge is power. And in your case, knowledge is revenue.

You’re probably thinking, ok, where is she going with this… Well, I am the content manager at Limo U so this is another attempt of mine to get ya’ll on the content train!

There are many hurdles to effectively implementing content marketing efforts, including…

  1. The amount of time it takes
  2. The patience it requires
  3. And the effort you must put forth

But, in the end, it’s all worth it as many respected organizations have discovered.

When you invest in content generation and distribution, you are putting your knowledge on blast.

The results? In addition to positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and distinguishing yourself from competitors through intentional education, you attract more traffic.

When you begin channeling traffic towards your site and single, specific landing pages, your...

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19 Ways to “Kill It” in Vegas at the ILCT Show


Networking events: Love 'em or hate 'em, they're a necessary part of life as a business professional if you want to grow your sphere of influence and your affiliate network. Shows like ILCT and LAB Live let you meet like-minded individuals and make important business connections; they may even net you a much-needed job or affiliate.

Despite the potential benefits of networking, few of us plan ahead and think about how to make the most of the opportunity. But there are at least 19 strategies that successful networkers can use to connect and impress at business events.

1. Research key attendees before the event.

If there are individuals you're hoping to meet (and impress) at your next event, do some pre-meeting research online. Scope out these individuals' LinkedIn profiles to learn the basics about them and look for common connections.

2. Research the Hotel.

Prior to arriving at the event, take a few minutes to research the layout of the hotel and event space. You’ll figure out...

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Optimizing Your Thank You Page for More Engagement


Almost every time you set up a landing page to sell a service or promote an offer, you will need to create a Thank You page to go along with it.

This is the page your lead turned buyer lands on after completing a purchase.

It’s also the page that most business owners - especially in the limousine industry - take for granted.

Believe or not, but your Thank You page sets the tone for your relationship with every new buyer, every new client.

In this week’s Wednesday Drive, I’m going to show you a few things you can do to…

  • Encourage engagement opportunities,
  • Increase revenue, and
  • Set positive expectations for your clients via your Thank You page.

Head on over to your {LAB} account and let’s get started!

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What is A/B Testing and How Do I Do it Well?


A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a tactic by which you find the best combination of ad headlines, main text, images, and call-to-actions for your target market.

A/B testing is usually done over a period of weeks where one portion of the ad is changed at a time and tested against a control in order to find the best results. Every time one ad outperforms the other, one ad is shut off and iterations are made. The key here is to only change ONE THING at a time in order to know why an ad would outperform the other.

Perhaps an example will clarify:

In this example I will show how I would use A/B testing to optimize a fictitious ad for {LAB}


Headline: The best resource for limo marketing!

Main Text: Are you struggling to market your limousine business? As a {LAB} member, you will get access to the best marketing and sales resources in the world. With access to Bill Faeth, a former limo operator himself, and the Limo University team you are no longer alone running your...

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Behind-the-Scenes of February Boot Camp

bootcamp wednesday drive Feb 07, 2018

There is a good chance that you as a {LAB} member have been to one of our famous Boot Camps. You probably have never had a chance to look behind the curtain and see what we do to set everything up. So, here is a look behind the scenes at Limo U’s February Boot Camp.

It all started before the last Boot Camp in December. We launched the sales page with some specific topics and we watched as you guys started to fill up the seats. We ran through the December boot camp and did a post mortem on the event to make changes for the February Boot Camp. One major change was the day structure. We wanted to make VIP more valuable so we switched it over to Wednesday. With VIP on a Wednesday it would allow deeper and more meaningful questions about the content we presented.

We also wanted to change the way we presented the content. This Boot Camp would have a theme that we would start with video and cary into the presentation and even room decoration.

As Bill and Daniel were putting the...

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